The US Government will investigate the Internet giants for alleged interference in election campaigns


Representatives of Twitter and Facebook have testified before the US Senate and say they are “not operating on the basis of a political ideology”

The United States Government will investigate the suspicions of the dominant position and intentional bias of the giants of social networks, the Justice Department announced Wednesday.

A statement from the Department of Justice indicated that Attorney General Jeff Sessions “convened a meeting with several attorneys general this month to discuss the growing concern that these companies may be harming the (free) competition and intentionally stifling the free exchange of ideas in its platforms ยป.

This announcement comes days after President Donald Trump accused the big technology firms of censoring and repressing conservative voices in favor of progressive opinions, allegations that the companies denied outright.

The brief statement by the Department, which came at the end of a Senate hearing with senior executives of social networks Facebook and Twitter, offered no clues as to whether officials were considering an antitrust investigation or some form of regulatory action.

Technology industry analysts say there is little evidence that Internet firms are leaking content for political reasons, but that companies would have constitutional protections against any government effort to regulate their algorithms.

On Tuesday, the president of the regulatory agency Federal Communications, Ajit Pai, called on companies in Silicon Valley to provide more transparency on how they operate, which increases the possibility of tighter regulations for companies in the technology field.

“We have to seriously think if the time has come for these companies to comply with the new transparency obligations,” Pai said in a blog post.

However, Pai did not offer any specific proposal for this matter, but seemed to echo the concerns raised by Trump against the technology firms.

Trump last week issued a warning to giants Google, Facebook and Twitter to “be careful”, but did not threaten regulation.

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