Older people are also interested in new technologies

The majority use Whatsapp and is present in social networks

Generation Z, millennials, generation Y; These are increasingly frequent concepts in everyday language, but how can we call the most interested in new technologies?

The irruption of the latest digital tools also reaches the digital non-natives. According to a study conducted by Novus, two thirds of older people are interested in technology and 38% would like to know more about the application of new technologies in their daily lives.

Technology that interests, especially in the communication section. 86% of the biggest respondents say they use WhatsApp on a weekly basis, although, of course, phone calls are preferred.

On the other hand, 80% claim to have a profile on social networks and use them at least once a week. Safety is another important aspect for older people, as 17% of respondents often feel insecure in their home due to various causes.

The main one of these is because they can not take care of themselves, followed by fear of theft, forgetfulness or falls they may suffer.

These reasons lead to 38% of the elderly being curious to learn how new technologies could be integrated into their lives. However, only 14% of the total has tested technological security solutions.

Another key application of modern technology is found in the world of health, where 42% of the elderly are in favor of digital health care, although most of them still show insecurities in this regard. Its main reason for distrusting technology in this area is the reduction of contact.

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