Instagram wants you to spend money


The app is developing a shopping system on its platform

Renewed or die. This maxim has been repeated in hundreds of meetings of hundreds of companies. A saying that also flies Silicon Valley, the cradle of technological innovation, and especially in the offices of Instagram.

The last release of Mark Zuckerberg’s universe app was before the summer with IGTV, which is not having the expected success. Now, Instagram engineers want to touch the pocket of their users with IG Shopping, according to The Verge.

It is not the first time that the rumor of purchases within the application arises, but, as revealed by the specialized media in technology, Instagram plans to launch an application dedicated to the sale of commercial products.

Through this platform, Instagram wants to become a large commercial space where brands, advertisers and stores can sell their products directly. However, the official app already allows to acquire a large number of products from the timeline of the brands and also through the stories.

In the last presentation of results, Instagram reported that around 25 million businesses have a profile in the Facebook universe app. At the moment, reveals The Verge, the development has not yet been completed and there are no launch schedules.

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