Google will prevent you from using the same password on different websites

Your new administrator generates random keys

One of the most common mistakes is to use the same key for different sites, a fact that gets worse when the password is unsafe. Last year, once again, the most used key was 123456. According to data from SplashData, 4% of respondents used this encryption to protect their data on the Internet.

The weakness of the password and also using the same password for different websites is a gift for cybercriminals. Taking advantage of the first decade of existence, Google is renewed and with this comes a new personal password manager.

Chrome offers to automatically generate a random password when the user registers on websites for the first time. This key will be stored within a Google account and, in addition, will be synchronized in Chrome desktop and mobile versions.

However, Chrome only manages passwords within your browser, so if you sign in to multiple mobile applications or other devices such as a TV, these sign-in combinations will not be stored in a Google account.

To access this system it is necessary to press the three dots in the upper right area of ​​Google Chrome, select «Settings» and then «Passwords».

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