Five applications that allow us to locate our smartphone

Spain registers 700 complaints every day for the theft of mobile phones | Its high value and its ease to be sold in the market has made it the target of thieves

Nowadays, mobile phones have become an indispensable tool for our daily lives, establishing themselves as a fundamental element for interpersonal relationships, as well as being the largest store of contents for citizens.

This importance means that many users can not live without their phone and losing it or being stolen can become a really serious problem. For these cases, different applications have been created that allow their devices to be permanently located.

It is one of the most complete applications within the Android market and one of the most outstanding, since it has more than 5 million downloads . This ‘app’ allows to control the phone remotely, even having the ability to block the device through a code.

In case of loss it is one of the most useful options since, in addition, it allows you to monitor the phone at all times through your website, monitor incoming and outgoing calls, record the thief through the phone’s cameras, have access to SMS and thanks to its tracking ability allows access to the latest locations where the phone has been.

Not content with that, the creators of Cerberus have also included in their application the option of the phone to make an alarm or a message out loud warning that it is stolen.

Where’s my droid

Its simple functionality makes this application the most used on the market with more than 10 million downloads . It has innumerable functions in its free version and adds even more in its ‘premium’ version.

Among its features include the ability to remote control, allowing the owner of the phone has the ability to access all the documents of the phone, take pictures remotely, lock the phone, make it sound -to know where we left in case of lose it – and, in addition, in case none of the above options have the desired effect, it allows deleting all the data from the phone so that nobody can access the private content.

The application, whose logo is a doll dressed as James Bond android provides access free version to recent calls that have been made from the mobile, the battery level and the identification code among others. It has great functionality and allows access to the exact location of the phone at all times thanks to its web page, which shows a more pure style -at map Google Earth- that lets you know in real time the location of our smartphone.

Trust & Go
It is not an ‘app’ location as such, but is based on an antivirus that, besides having this feature allows thanks to its ‘Candid Camera Thief’ grasp with the front camera the thief in a photograph that appears in our email if this incorrectly enters the unlock code three times.

McAfee Mobile Security
The smartphone application of the famous antivirus has different functions to locate the phone. In addition to being a perfect anti-malware, if the phone has run out of battery you can access the last location of it, in addition, like other pagers, allows remote photographs to, in case of theft, know who is the subject in question that has been done with our device, sending us the images by email. It is not a ‘location’ app as complete as Cerberus, but its function as antivirus allows to compensate for the lack of some functions.

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