Americans are deleted from Facebook

One in four Americans uninstalls the app from their smartphone’s social network, according to a survey conducted by Pew Research

The latest Facebook events take their toll on Mark Zuckerberg’s company. 74% of the US users of the social network have taken some action in relation to the platform.

According to Pew Research, one in four users in the United States has decided to remove the application of the social network from their smartphone. A decision that comes after the scandal of data leakage Cambridge Analytica . However, according to the same study, users do not delete their accounts from the social network.

However, this action, that of deleting the app, is one of the most frequent among young users between 18 and 29 years old, of which 44% have made this decision in the last year. A figure that is reduced to 12% among users over 65 years.

Inflection point

Among the rest of the most frequent decisions, 42% of users of the social network claim to have taken a break from Facebook of several weeks or more during the past year, while 54% have modified their privacy settings in the last 12 months

In this regard, young Facebook users are also ahead, since almost two out of three (64%) of them have modified their privacy settings in the social network, while 33% of those over 65 have taken the same decision.

After the filtering of Cambridge Analytica, one in ten Facebook users has downloaded their personal data available in the social network.

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