Amazon becomes the second company to reach a trillion dollars in the stock market

The company’s milestone comes a month after Apple got the same

Amazon has become the second US company to achieve a stock market value of one trillion dollars, in the latest demonstration of the growing influence of technological giants.

The online sales company reached that value at 15:40 GMT when its share reached $ 2,050.50. The Amazon milestone came a month after Apple reached the trillion dollar value. Amazon’s stock declined slightly after its record. About 5 minutes later it was trading at $ 2,038.71 (+ 1.3%).

Founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, currently the richest man in the world, Amazon went from being an online book store to a mastodon that spans several sectors. The company competes directly with the Walmart chain of stores and with its personal assistance program, Alexia, is in the forefront of innovations in artificial intelligence.

Amazon has spread throughout the world and currently employs about 575,000 people. For a long time, Amazon lost money while Bezos preferred to invest massively in new products or services. But his bet paid off and only in the second quarter of this year his net profit was 2,500 million dollars.

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